Friday, June 26, 2015

[festival] DAEGU CHICKEN and BEER FESTIVAL 2015 is coming!

DAEGU CHICKEN and BEER FESTIVAL 2015 is coming! (July 22~July 26)


The Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival (Daegu Chimac Festival / 대구치맥페스티벌) celebrates what Koreans love to enjoy, chicken with beer, and will take place at Duryu Park in Dalseo-gu, Daegu. Called the Chimaek Festival in Korean, the term chimaek is derived from the terms chicken and maekju (meaning "beer"). Over 620,000 people attended over the course of the festival in 2014, and as many as one million are expected for the festival in 2015. This year's festival will include a music festival and industrial culture festival, making the entire festival a place overflowing with youthful energy.


Take a bus bound for West Daegu Express Bus Terminal at Seoul Express Bus Terminal.  From the bus terminal, cross the street and walk southwest  along Seodaegu-ro Road (서대구로) for about 230 meters. Take bus 3-1 (heading south) at Seodaegu Elementary School entrance bus stop (서대구초등학교입구 정류장).

Ride it for 9 stops and get off at Duryu Library bus stop (두류도서관앞 정류장). Continue walking a little further to the intersection and turn right. The festival venue will be within sight.

From Daegu, take a Blue Bus 653, 652, 503 and a Circular Bus 3-1, 3.

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