Tuesday, July 21, 2015

[Beautiful Daegu] Apsan Cable Car

[Beautiful Daegu] Apsan Cable Car

In this post I will offer some insights into taking the Apsan Cable Car and combining it with a nice afternoon hike.  This is the normal course I take with my wife and our four year old daughter ( Korean age 5 ).  It takes about two hours but we usually take our time and have a picnic lunch along the way.

From the top of the cable car route I suggest exiting the cable car shelter and heading to the exit on the right.  From the shelter it is a couple minute walk to the Apsan Observatory.  From there you will have a great view of most of the city.  
Here is a link to the observatory with some photos of the view at night.  I do not recommend a night hike with small children though unless they have some experience and are conditioned physically because the cable  car does not operate at night.

After you are finished there, heading back the way you came toward the cable car shelter and restaurant.  The restaurant has the standard fare of dishes served at mountains.  I will write a post later in the season about the food offered at the restaurant.  This is a chance to utilize the restrooms and maybe grab some cool drinks.  Many years ago I purchased a soft side cooler that I usually have stuffed with frozen bottled water along with whatever we will be having for lunch. 

Now it is time to hit the trail.  Most of the course along the top of the mountain is shaded.  We usually bring sunscreen for those really sunny days and I can always be seen wearing my boonie hat.

The trail is easy to follow.  Although it isn’t flat in all places, the park has installed new stairways and platforms in places that were a bit troublesome in the past.  It is really a very nice hike with lots of fresh air and the quietness of nature.

After passing the helipad there are several places to sit down and have a picnic.  Any place along the trail that comes to a choice of going left or right, take the left fork.  About twenty minutes or so after passing the helipad, you should come to a point where there is a large map of the park on the right side of the trail and a trail with stairs that go down into the valley.  This is where you should head down.  I will outline a few other courses later in upcoming posts.

Heading down the trail about twenty minutes or so you should come to an exercise area on the right side and about ten minutes after that you should come to a T in the trail.  At the T-intersection I suggest taking a left.  This area is a regular resting area that has several benches spread around the area.  You should see a stream that crosses the trail to the left about 1-2 meters.  After crossing that you will need to cross another smaller stream and then take the trail to the right.  From here it is a twenty minute or so hike down to the starting point at the cable car building. The park management has been making improvements to this section of park and in a few places for the next month or so there will be construction happening.  This should only be happening during the week and not during the weekends ( dependent on scheduling problems such as weather ).

Before leaving the park, please say bye-bye to the family of ducks below the small reservoir !

The following buses will take you to the parking area at the bottom of the park:300, 410, 410-1, 750, Dalseo 4, and Dalseo 4-1

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