Friday, July 10, 2015

[Beautiful daegu] Keeping Daegu Colourful: Highlighting the work of a local artist

Keeping Daegu Colourful: Highlighting the work of a local artist

There are many artists around Daegu who keep this city colourful and culturally vibrant. Here's a look at a foreign local artist who has called Daegu his home for more than 8 years.

Craig Mason is a Washington DC native who moved to Daegu almost a decade ago. He started out as a young artist during his undergraduate years. When he first arrived in Daegu, he recalls being inspired by an Indie music group by the name of "Dog's Star". Since his first encounter with the band, he has collaborated with them to create imaginative art pieces and designs for numerous EP covers. He says music is what inspires his work the most. He envisions his pieces through his own interpretations of the music.

2009 to 2011 were his most active years, showcasing his art work at different venues around the city. This is his latest exhibition.

His recent paintings are best described as free, peaceful, and with a stroke of subtle dramaticism. But art is always subjective according to the way you look at it. That's why I recommend seeing his work for yourself.

In addition to his installations, he has illustrated and printed a short Korean novel which you can find at the newly located Pollack bookstore. You can find their updated address here:

Craig focuses a great deal on collaborating with different artists. He says the thing he loves the most about working and living in Daegu is that everyone is open to expressing themselves and sharing their work. Visit his page at:

Location of the gallery/cafe:
까페 도요, 대구시, 중구 동성로 8-6 번지, 3가

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  1. Cafe Doyo is 대구 중구 동성로3가 10-12 ~
    up through this sat. (the 11th) till 4 p.m.