Thursday, July 16, 2015

[information] Planning an alley tour? There’s an app for that!

Planning an alley tour? There’s an app for that!

The past and the present blend well in Daegu. In this bustling city, even the thronged downtown streets breathe of the past. These alleyways brim with stories and lessons about Daegu’s many significant contributions to freedom and democracy for Korea, and how the city has evolved into a culture hub. 

So if you are a wistful soul, wearied by the busyness created by modernity, you can always hang around these areas and leisurely walk with the lessons of the past. Simply get your smartphone; an app called the Daegu Junggu Walking Tour, available in English, Chinese, and Japanese, is free to download from the Google Play and App Store. 

The main page icons include the Walking Tour, Tour Note, Video Tour, and Search Nearby.  The Walking Tour brings you five different tour courses, each with approximate duration of walking, and how far each destination is to the next. All places in each tour are illustrated, and when clicked, detailed information and photos are seen. You can even view the photos in 360° angle! Themed tour courses – the Night Tour and Christian Culture tour are also found, along with all course maps that work with Daum.

The Tour Note allows you to attach photos and record your memories like a diary. This part of the app would surely delight people who are avid journal keepers. The Video Tour provides six brief documentaries that highlight events and places in Daegu – from old historical spots, places to find the best Daegu cuisine, to the city’s best night scenes. 

Click the Search Nearby icon and it will give you the nearest spots to go parking, dining, and shopping. It will also give you a list of the nearest hotels and guesthouses, beauty shops, and even toilets!  I guess this part is the app’s biggest charm. 

This useful handy guide is surely making life easy for residents and tourists. So far, it has received good reviews from users who have enjoyed the walk down memory lanes of Daegu. 

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