Monday, August 24, 2015

Are You Ready for Very Nice Korean Meal? Come to Donenu!

Are You Ready for Very Nice Korean Meal? Come to Donenu!

Are you ready for very nice Korean meal in a very friendly place that is located a stone throw from Youngnam University four way intersection. This place is a popular restaurant that has been in the area for many years.  It is family owned and operated and the staff is as friendly and helpful as you would expect back home.  It is known as place that is well located and within easy walking distance of about ten minutes from Camp George back gate, as well as about ten minutes from Camp Walker gate 6.  It is about two minutes away from Youngnam University Hospital subway station exit number 3.

What’s on the menu?  The main menu items are Samgyupsal ( pronounced  som – gyup- sol ).  This is the same cut of meat as bacon is from back home.  Bacon is either smoked or cured and then fried.  Samgyupsal is usually served raw or frozen and then, depending on the restaurants specific cooking style, either barbequed, roasted or fried right at your table.  This restaurant has four types of Samgyupsal with the most popular being Bulzip Samgyupsal.  This is cut into serving size portions and then lightly smoked over straw.  It has a very nice taste when cooked at your table.

Above you can see photos of the items available including the meats and other side dishes along with the prices. 

This is one portion of Bulzip Samgyupsal ( our favorite! )

This is typical Samgyupsal.

They also offer duck meat off the bone (pictured above) and Kalbi ( rib meat off the bone ) which is popular with many foreigners.

Then next thing we enjoy about this place is the self serve bar for condiments where you can refill your favorite side dishes.  Please note, that it is always a good idea to not take too much so that we can reduce wasted food.  You are of course welcome to make as many trips as you would like.

Here is a typical table setting.  My family consists of out four year old daughter, my wife and myself.  We order three servings of meat.  Along with the standard side dishes and a trip to the self serve bar for some sliced, uncooked potatoes, a few pieces of Duk ( short round rice cake ), and a few spicy peppers. We are usually set to be stuffed.  They recently added small pickled peppers, so I always toss a few into a small dish.

As for drinks, they have the standard soft drinks.  They also have a nice variety of adult beverages at reasonable cost.  If you enjoy a cold beer with your meal, I believe they have Cass and Hite in bottles.

I can’t really say enough nice things about this place.  If you are out and about looking for a place to enjoy a nice dinner, please find your way over to Donenu.  If you are out on a Saturday early evening, you will most likely see my family in there as we visit almost weekly.

A few notes of interest.  Limited parking is available.  I suggest bringing  your family or battle buddies and stroll on over.  Wifi is available.  After your meal there is Febreeze available to freshen up your clothes.  They offer a few different instant coffees at the front counter to help settle your dinner. 

I really hope you will come out and visit some of the area restaurants and enjoy some great food at a very reasonable price.  Also feel free to contact me on facebook if you have more questions.  Last but not least, please let the establishment staff know that you found them from the Touch Daegu Blog Site.

Phone number 053-622-9285
Address대구시 남구
중앙대로 139

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