Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Set Of 5-digit Postal Codes!

New Set Of 5-digit Postal Codes!

South Korea government has announced that with effect from August 1, 2015, South Korea's existing 6-digit postal codes will be replaced with a new set of 5-digit postal codes.

The new postal code is changed according to the assignment, modification or disuse of State Basic District and State Basic District Number.

The assignment of addresses to a new postal code may be changed according to the changes in the applicable data contained in the table provided by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs that matches the road name address with the lot number address.

Since the existing 6-digit postal code and the new 5-digit postal code have different numbering systems and designated areas, they will not be used together. ← Click here for more information on new postal code. ← Click here for finding your new postal code.

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