Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Enjoying Jazz, Daegu International Jazz Festival

Enjoying Jazz, Daegu International Jazz Festival

Daegu International Jazz Festival 2015 was held at September 1 (Tue). 

The opening ceremony was held at Suseong mot. Unfortunately, It was raining. So, I was worry about smooth running of this event. However, there wasn't any trouble. In spite of nasty weather, many citizen came to Suseong mot. They are great fan of music!

Frankly speaking, I didn't know what is JAZZ and thought that It is hard to enjoy jazz. However, I admit what I tought before was wrong. Jazz is not difficult! You don't to do anything. Just enjoy the lovely moment with music.

Joe locke and Apple Jazz Orchestra gave an excellent performance; everyone applauded loudly. And, the sound of rain and jazz music made amazing harmony!

This festival will continue this Saturday(9/5). So, I think It is the place to go for festival lovers!

-The photos were taken by Jung Young Ok, the member of Daegu Blog Press

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