Friday, October 30, 2015

There were dinosaurs in Daegu! Apsan Gosangol Dinosaur Footprints

There were dinosaurs in Daegu! Apsan Gosangol Dinosaur Footprints

Dinosaurs who existed on the earth earlier than the human. We can only see their fossils, bones or footprints, however, we are reproducing them with the latest scientific technology. By the way, do you know we have dinosaurs in Daegu? 

We can sense their existence by the footprints near the stream in Gosangol. Sadly, they are not so clear that you can hardly find out what they are without the signboard. 

Referring the signboard, you can find something similar to footprints of a big animal. The relevant data say they are assumed to be herbivorous dinosaurs. Moreover, there are ripple marks, the marks of waves formed in a shallow lake, and fossils of mud crack formed in the cry climate. They are related to the dinosaur age.

The beautiful walk nearby called Meta Forest Road and Apsan Mountain, the spiritual mountain of Daegu provide a place you can enjoy both nature and health improvement. 

All Daegu citizens would have been to Apsan Mountain. It’s the spiritual mountain of Daegu.

Although the name Apsan is not an exact name as it was named by Japan, but the history for decades made it more familiar than the real name Seonbulsan. There are several ways to the mountain. When you head for Gosangol Dinosaur Footprints, you shall pass the beautiful walk called Meta Forest Road. 
You can easily find the elderly enjoying Makgeoli after trekking in the nearby cheap restaurants. 

Let’s walk along this beautiful Metal Forest Road.

The signboard about the dinosaur footprints awaits.

The footprints are near the stream next to the road. 

Let’s meet the footprints first.

Encounters with the dinosaur footprints. I guess the potholes are the trace of the footprints. Someone might think they’re just the marks or erosion 

This is a ripple mark. There are two courses, heading for the bottom of the signboard and walking along the stream, and I chose the latter. 

The road is so narrow and rough that it is not easy to access. The relevant organization should mend the road. 

Recent articles say some places with dinosaur footprints are establishing robot models and make Dinosaur Theme Park, however, I think it should be better to make the best use of the natural environment and improve accessibility first. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

One of Daegu Toursit Attractions, National Daegu Meteorological Science Center

One of Daegu Toursit Attractions, 
I hereby introduce “National Daegu Meteorological Science Center”
 which is also good for family trip.

It’s really foggy due to the fine dust these days. You may hesitate about going outside due to the dust, however, it’s the best season to fo for a picnic! I’ll introduce “National Daegu Meteorological Science Center” which provide interesting learning and experience inside and where you can enjoy autumn in a cozy outdoor park to those who feel bored of staying inside.

There are few people who are aware of National Daegu Meteorological Science Center~ It is located in the city, not nearby, so that it’s easy to find the way and there are many restaurants and things to enjoy around the center making it perfect for a casual date or family trip on the weekend. Why don’t you go visit National Daegu Meteorological Science Center where your children can learn about the climate and experience various programs?

National Daegu Meteorological Science Center is an educational field to help you better understand the climate, weather, and climate changes and see the past, the present and the future of the Meteorological Science in Korea. You can also learn about weather, which is deeply connected with our daily life.

On the first floor of National Daegu Meteorological Science Center, you can get information about the time table of a program you can have an experience with a weather caster. Ask the information center and enjoy the experience.

National Daegu Meteorological Science Center also provides a stamp tour along the exhibition halls. Children can become a weather caster and take a picture, too.

You can apply for various experience events on the website of National Daegu Meteorological Science Center. Please come and enjoy the events~^^

Let’s go watch a 3D movie followed by visiting the exhibition hall 1. You should get the ticket at the information center. It is a 12 minute long 3D animation about escaping an island with dinosaurs loved by many children. It’s sad that it is not very long, but I enjoyed the animation~^^

There are the exhibition hall 2 and 3 on the second floor. You can learn the principle of climate change and enjoy exhibition experience about meteorological science from climate disasters and climate change in the exhibition hall 2.

The couch was very comfortable to sit on, but it was the climate change with pouring rain and snow which interested me the most  in National Daegu Meteorological Science Center.

You can create typhoon and tsunami on your own through a touch screen. You can also name it.

In exhibition hall 3, the weather caster experience hall is most popular. Children can make good memories here. We may expect that some of the children who experienced to be a weather caster here would become a meteorologist or a weather caster in the future. 

 After various experiences inside the center, I had a breezy stoll on the meteorological hill in front of the center. First, we can meet two famous men who invented a rain gauge~ You can also read some explanations about the history of Korean meteorological science.

 On the high meteorological hill is a place you can enjoy the wind and sunlight. In National Daegu Meteorological Science Center know by few people yet, I wish you can enjoy various programs and the resting place with your children and family.

National Daegu Meteorological Science Center :

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dance like fallen leaves for mid-autumn days Invitation performance

Dance like fallen leaves for mid-autumn days
Invitation performance 「Baek Gyeong-Woo, winner of President Prize of the 15th  Park Rok-Joo’s Korean Traditional Performing Arts Competition」
Daegu Culture & Arts Center has arranged this performance with Bae Gyeong-Woo, winner of President Prize of the 15th Park Rok-Joo’s Korean Traditional Performing Arts Competition, and his dance company at Palgol Hall of Daegu Culture & Arts Center at 7:30 P.M, Oct. 30(Fri), presenting citizens quite, but powerful dance performances.

Korean dancer Baek Gyeong-Woo, apprentice of deceased dancer Lee Mae-Bang who is honorary holders of important intangible cultural property No. 27 Seungmoo and No. 97 Salpuri dance, is showing elegant and graceful dances with traditional formality which Lee Mae-Bang completed.

Directed by ‘Jang Yoo-Gyeong’, both professor and choreographer of dance at Keimyung Univ, Baek and other 20 professional dancers will perform with 14 musicians. It starts with a drum dance of a so-called ‘the Sound of Korea’, followed by solo dances of graceful and elegant ‘Giwonmoo’, ‘Seungmoo’ and ‘Sapoongjeonggam’, which can surely show his true colors.

Especially Lee Mae-Bang’s ‘Giwonmoo’, praying dance for national prosperity and the welfare of the people, is a fancy, stylish dance in royal costume, which not only features artistic value, but also escalates excitement within humans to various rhythms like Pusal, Eotmori, Bongjangchi, etc. In addition, various programs including group dances (e.g, ‘Taepyeongmoo’ which is solemn and magnificent and ‘Ipchoom’ which is Korean women’s beauty of self control) will be presented to Daegu citizens.

Bae Gyeong-Woo is always hard at work on what stories he can deliver people through performances. ‘dance has originated from Seoul, but I want to contribute to the diversity of traditional dances in my hometown, Daegu.’, revealed his hope. And Choi Hyun-Mook, head of Daegu Culture & Arts Center who planned this project, stated his planning intention, ‘Dance carries stronger messages than any words and is powerful. So for the reason it is of great artistic value. I really hope this performance to become a golden opportunity to let people know about the value of traditional arts more.’

- Name of Performance: planned by Daegu Culture & Arts Center
- Date : Oct.30(Fri) at 19:30
- Venue : Palgong Hall of Daegu Culture & Arts Center
- Organized by: Daegu Culture & Arts Center
- For more information: Arts Planning Division of Daegu Culture & Arts Center at 053-606-6131/3   
- Tickets : All seats are invited(Enter on a first-come first-served basis)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

「IN-DAEGU: The 3rd University Symphony Festival」planned by Daegu Culture & Arts Center

「IN-DAEGU: The 3rd University Symphony Festival」planned by Daegu Culture Arts Center

As one of so-called ‘IN-DAEGU’ programs planned by Daegu Culture & Arts Center, the 3rd University Symphony Festival will be held for 3 days, Oct. 29 (Thu), Nov. 4 (Wed), and Nov. 6 (Fri). At this festival which is expected to foster talented artists and contribute to the development of regional music industry, departments of Wind and String Instruments from different universities will have orchestra performances, making audiences feel passion from students and different performance characteristics of each university.

On Nov. 4 (Wed), Lee Seung-Jin, cellist of ‘YUN Chamber Orchestra’ consisting of junior students at ‘Yeungnam University’ and professor of the department of Wind and String Instruments at Yeungnam University, will perform various music like Janacek’s Suite for String Orchestra, Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G Major, and B. Britten’s Simple Symphony, Op. 4 with violinist Lee So-Hee, flutists Im Dae-Yae and Gwon Oh-Hwang who were selected through the audition for students of music school.

Choi Hyun-Mook, head of Daegu Culture & Arts Center where planned this festival explained
that students attended would show their great competence by performing with those from other
schools through this ‘University Symphony Festival’ and stir up rivalry. He added he would always
strive to cultivate talents in regions and make the best use of them in project performance, etc.
For more information, visit the official web site of Daegu Culture & Arts Center
( or call its Arts Planning Division at 053-606-6131/3.

- Name of Performance: IN-DAEGU: The 3rd University Symphony Festival」planned by Daegu Culture & Arts Center
- Date : Oct.29(Thu) at Sungshin Women’s Univ/ Nov.4(Wed) at Yeungnam University/ Nov.6(Fri) at 19:30, Korea National University of Arts
- Venue : Palgong Hall of Daegu Culture & Arts Center
- Organized by : Daegu Culture & Arts Center
- For more information: Arts Planning Division of Daegu Culture & Arts Center at 053-606-6131/3
- Tickets : Free for all

Monday, October 26, 2015

Harmony of Chrysanthemum fragrance which mingles with the reds and golds of autumn

 Harmony of Chrysanthemum fragrance which mingles
with the reds and golds of autumn

- Chrysanthemum exhibition at Daegu Arboretum for 13 days, Oct. 27 to Nov. 8-

When the autumn with varicolored leaves comes, those who remember Daegu Arboretum are waiting for ‘Chrysanthemum exhibition’. After a year of waiting, they know the Arboretum is filled with chrysanthemum. This Chrysanthemum exhibition at Daegu Arboretum will be held from Oct. 27 to Nov. 8 for 13 days, displaying 10,000 works of chrysanthemums including replica and bonsai.

Especially, the this year’s exhibition is expected that it would present a new replica ‘Sky Train’, urban railway line 3, and also contribute greatly to letting the world know Daegu along with existing replicas of Yeongnam Jeilgwan, eagle, apple, etc. Moreover, various replicas (e.g, mini bus, cartoon characters, giraffe, balloon, chrysanthemum tunnel, angel’s wings) which are beloved most by children will also be displayed in the grass square.

In addition to above, there will be displayed 10,000 works of chrysanthemums including large
flowered chrysanthemum, bonsai which have been grown with great care. Such works mean greater
especially to employees of Daegu Arboretum because they were grown by themselves with their time
and great care for the last year and any extra business budget wasn’t spent for this.

“If visiting the ‘religious-related arboretum’ which opened this year along with chrysanthemum works, visitors will, for sure, make precious memories in Daegu Arboretum during the mid-autumn days and we recommend visitors to use public transportation as concerns over the traffic rush during the exhibition period are high“, said the head of Daegu Argoretum, Namjeongmun, Daegu.

Friday, October 23, 2015

A splendid banquet of Orchestras to be held!

A splendid banquet of Orchestras to be held!
- 5 orchestra concerts and 1 international symposium to be held in the 2nd week -

On the 2nd week of the Daegu Asia Orchestra Symposium, 5 different orchestras including Gyeongsangbuk-do Provincial Symphony Orchestra, Gangnam Wind Orchestra, Daegun Middle School Wind Orchestra, Gyeongbuk Art High School Orchestra, and, main Resident Company of the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

On Tuesday(Oct.27) at 7:30 p.m., at the Daegu Citizen Hall Grand Concert Hall, Gum Nanse, who has been a leader in the popularization of classical music by adding friendly and fluent commentary to the pieces he conducts, will lead the Gyeongbuk Art High School Orchestra of 70 students on stage for a concert.
On Wednesday(Oct.28), the Daegun Middle School Wind Orchestra, silver medalist of the 2013 the Korean National Brasswind Competition and gold medalist of the 2014 Korean National Brasswind Competition will take the stage along with the Daegun Middle School Chorus.
On Thursday(Oct.29) at 7:30 p.m., the Sydney Symphony Orchestra will be conducted by its new music director David Robertson in performing Sibelius’ Second Symphony. The Gangnam Wind Orchestra will perform on October 31st 5 p.m. For this performance, Ahn Hee Chan, leading musician in the Korean brass music scene, will take role as senior conductor and music director to charm us with the powerful and rich sound of a wind orchestra.

Detailed schedules can be found on the official website for the 2015 Asia Orchestra Symposium
 Orchestra Concert (Symphony Orchestra)
Daegu Symphony Orchestra
                  Julian Kovatchev
Berlin Deutch Symphony Orchestra
Tugan Sokhiev
Sydney Symphony Orchestra
David Robertson / Yoon Di(piano)
Oct 30th(Fri)
Gyeongsangbuk-do Provincial Symphony Orchestra
Dongshin Lee/Juhee Kim,Soyeon Kim(piano)
Nov. 4th(Wed)
Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra
Seikyo Kim/
Clara Jumie Kang(violin)
Nov. 7th(Sat)
Gangnam Symphony Orchestra
Seo Hyeon Suk
Nov. 13th(Fri)
Daeguu Symphony Orchestra
                  Julian Kovatchev
Nov. 15ht(Sun)
Chinese NCPA Orchestra
Lu Jia / Yeol-eum Son(piano)

 Orchestra Concert (Chamber-Wind Orchestra)
Oct. 24th(Sat)
Ascolti Chamber Orchestra
Chang Hyeon Suk
Oct. 31st(Sat)
Gangnam Wind Orchestra
Ahn Hee Chan
Nov. 12th(Thu)
Korean Chamber Orchestra
Kim Min

● Orchestra Concert (Youth Orchestra)
Oct. 27th(Tue)
Gyeongbuk Art High School Orchestra
Gum Nanse
Oct. 28th(Wed)
Daegun Middle School Wind Orchestra
Lee Dong In
Nov. 6th(Fri)
Busan Philharmonic Youth Orchestra
Kim Beom Su

Questions : (053)754-4422~3, Tickets : Interpark 1544-1555

Thursday, October 22, 2015

This Fall, experience the essence of classical music!

This Fall, experience the essence of
classical music!
- Anton Bruckner’s SymphonyNo.4“Romantic”

This Friday(Oct.23) at 7:30 p.m. the Daegu Citizen Hall Grand Concert Hall hosts a concert conducted by Music Director and Chief Conductor of the Daegu Symphony Orchestra, Julian Kovatchev.

In particular, this concert is held as the opening performance to the 1st Asia Orchestra Symposium hosted by Daegu City and Daegu Citizen Hall, and organized by the Federation of Artistic & Cultural Organizations of Korea. The performance will be 76 minute-long with no prelude or concerts, and only an in-depth performance of Bruckner’s Symphony No.4 will be staged to showcase the essence of classical music.

The piece is composed of 4 movements. The 1st movement offers the 1st theme with a horn over a typical Bruckner-style tremolo of strings. The second theme is played by the viola, and brass instruments play the 3rd theme with sounds that resemble a storm. In the 2nd movement, string instruments express sad emotions, and Bruckner’s skillful counterpoint stands out. The 3rd movement conveys the greetings of a brave hunter, and the main Scherzo part and trio parts offer excellent contrast. The finale showcases Bruckner’s talent as an organist, while unifying the entire song by recalling the theme from the introduction in the 1st movement.

● Conductor : Julian Kovatchev _ Music Director & Conductor
● Time/Date : October 23rd (Fri), 2015. 19:30
● Place : Grand Concert hall at Daegu Citizen Hall
● Admission Fee : Row A 16,000won / Row B 10,000won
● Ticketing : Interpark Ticket 1544-1555 :
Daegu Citizen Hall Webpage :
● Tickets : dgTickets(Daegu Theatre Information Center) 053-422-1255
● Age : 6yrs or older ● Time of Duration : approximately 96 minutes
● Questions : Daegu Symphony Orchestra (053)250-1475
● Program
○ Bruckner – Symphony No.4 E♭ major,     “Romantic” (1878/80 Nowak Version)
    A. Bruckner - Symphony No.4 in E♭ major, “Romantic”
      I. Bewegt, nicht zu schnell
       II. Andante quasi Allegretto
       III. Scherzo ; Bewegt - Trio ; Nicht zu schnell. Keinesfalls    schleppend
       IV. Finale ; Bewegt, doch nicht zu schnell


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

'Tap Water Tour' offered to citizens

'Tap Water Tour' offered to citizens

- Tour of water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants,
in conjunction with the 4th Water Expo-

The Waterworks Headquarters of Daegu Metropolitan City is conducting a Tap Water Tour in conjunctionwith the 4th Water Expo, to offer Daegu citizens a direct tour of water and sewage treatment plants.

 This tour starts with a visit to the Water Expo(10. 28. ~ 10. 30.), which is held at the EXCO and features corporate exhibits, a water supply promotion center, and a water industry cluster.

Next is a trip to the Munsan Water Treatment Plant(completed in 2009, facility capacity 200,000 tons/day) at the Nakdong River hydrosphere to experience state-of-the-art advanced water treatment facilities. The goal is to offer the citizens confirmation of the safety and excellence of Daegu tap water, and to eliminate any unfounded misconceptions about the quality of tap water, all of which should ultimately lead to increased credibility and consumption of tap water.

Also planned is a visit to the Sincheon Sewage Treatment Facility(facility capacity 680,000ton/day) along with the Food Waste Treatment Facility(capacity 200ton/day), both of which are managed by the Daegu Environmental Corporation. This visit is expected to offer the citizens food for thought by highlighting the importance of environment conservation.

The tours are scheduled for the 29th and 30th of October, and each tour is comprised of 40 citizens. To participate, citizens may apply by calling the Waterworks Headquarters of Daegu at 053-670-2174 by October 23rd. Seats will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Kim Munsu, head of the Waterworks Headquarters of Daegu, said that “in offering an opportunity to directly experience the water treatment process, the goal is to increase consumer trust of the quality of tap water.”

Time/Date : 2015. 10. 29.(Thur)~10. 30.(Fri)09:50~15:30
Place : EXCO Water Expo Exhibition Hall, Munsan Water Treatment Plant,Sincheon Sewage Treatment Facility
Audience : 80 people(40 people / day)
Application Period : Until 2015. 10. 23.(Fri)
Application Method : ☏ 053-670-2174