Wednesday, October 21, 2015

'Tap Water Tour' offered to citizens

'Tap Water Tour' offered to citizens

- Tour of water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants,
in conjunction with the 4th Water Expo-

The Waterworks Headquarters of Daegu Metropolitan City is conducting a Tap Water Tour in conjunctionwith the 4th Water Expo, to offer Daegu citizens a direct tour of water and sewage treatment plants.

 This tour starts with a visit to the Water Expo(10. 28. ~ 10. 30.), which is held at the EXCO and features corporate exhibits, a water supply promotion center, and a water industry cluster.

Next is a trip to the Munsan Water Treatment Plant(completed in 2009, facility capacity 200,000 tons/day) at the Nakdong River hydrosphere to experience state-of-the-art advanced water treatment facilities. The goal is to offer the citizens confirmation of the safety and excellence of Daegu tap water, and to eliminate any unfounded misconceptions about the quality of tap water, all of which should ultimately lead to increased credibility and consumption of tap water.

Also planned is a visit to the Sincheon Sewage Treatment Facility(facility capacity 680,000ton/day) along with the Food Waste Treatment Facility(capacity 200ton/day), both of which are managed by the Daegu Environmental Corporation. This visit is expected to offer the citizens food for thought by highlighting the importance of environment conservation.

The tours are scheduled for the 29th and 30th of October, and each tour is comprised of 40 citizens. To participate, citizens may apply by calling the Waterworks Headquarters of Daegu at 053-670-2174 by October 23rd. Seats will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Kim Munsu, head of the Waterworks Headquarters of Daegu, said that “in offering an opportunity to directly experience the water treatment process, the goal is to increase consumer trust of the quality of tap water.”

Time/Date : 2015. 10. 29.(Thur)~10. 30.(Fri)09:50~15:30
Place : EXCO Water Expo Exhibition Hall, Munsan Water Treatment Plant,Sincheon Sewage Treatment Facility
Audience : 80 people(40 people / day)
Application Period : Until 2015. 10. 23.(Fri)
Application Method : ☏ 053-670-2174

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