Friday, October 30, 2015

There were dinosaurs in Daegu! Apsan Gosangol Dinosaur Footprints

There were dinosaurs in Daegu! Apsan Gosangol Dinosaur Footprints

Dinosaurs who existed on the earth earlier than the human. We can only see their fossils, bones or footprints, however, we are reproducing them with the latest scientific technology. By the way, do you know we have dinosaurs in Daegu? 

We can sense their existence by the footprints near the stream in Gosangol. Sadly, they are not so clear that you can hardly find out what they are without the signboard. 

Referring the signboard, you can find something similar to footprints of a big animal. The relevant data say they are assumed to be herbivorous dinosaurs. Moreover, there are ripple marks, the marks of waves formed in a shallow lake, and fossils of mud crack formed in the cry climate. They are related to the dinosaur age.

The beautiful walk nearby called Meta Forest Road and Apsan Mountain, the spiritual mountain of Daegu provide a place you can enjoy both nature and health improvement. 

All Daegu citizens would have been to Apsan Mountain. It’s the spiritual mountain of Daegu.

Although the name Apsan is not an exact name as it was named by Japan, but the history for decades made it more familiar than the real name Seonbulsan. There are several ways to the mountain. When you head for Gosangol Dinosaur Footprints, you shall pass the beautiful walk called Meta Forest Road. 
You can easily find the elderly enjoying Makgeoli after trekking in the nearby cheap restaurants. 

Let’s walk along this beautiful Metal Forest Road.

The signboard about the dinosaur footprints awaits.

The footprints are near the stream next to the road. 

Let’s meet the footprints first.

Encounters with the dinosaur footprints. I guess the potholes are the trace of the footprints. Someone might think they’re just the marks or erosion 

This is a ripple mark. There are two courses, heading for the bottom of the signboard and walking along the stream, and I chose the latter. 

The road is so narrow and rough that it is not easy to access. The relevant organization should mend the road. 

Recent articles say some places with dinosaur footprints are establishing robot models and make Dinosaur Theme Park, however, I think it should be better to make the best use of the natural environment and improve accessibility first. 

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