Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Daegu has picked eight leading local stores as the 'star stores'

Daegu has picked eight leading local stores as the 'star stores'

Daegu has picked eight leading local stores as the 'star stores' that can attract tourists as unique attractions close to popular tourist destinations, especially for foreign tourists, with unique quality products.

Various criteria were applied from the end of last year to last October to choose 23 finalists and a committee of five experts specialized on tourism, restaurants, and design finally selected eight 'star stores' based on field evaluation.

Descriptions of the eight final 'star stores' are as follows:

① 'Pyeonagio' on the street of handmade shoes in Jung-gu is a village company that is specialized in dress shoes. The shoe master meets with each customer who can choose the desired design and material for custom-made shoes.

② 'Samsong Jessica's Bakery' on Jungang-ro in Jung-gu has gained popularity across Korea with the corn bread (so-called ‘addictive bread’) and has been known as a delicious bakery that has opened stores in Hyundai Department Store in Seoul and many other large-sized distributors.

③ 'Mania' in Nam-gu has been a custom-made suit tailor for two generations and attracts many customers, including foreigners, as it has its own production line to mass-produce custom-made suits for less.

④ 'Cendori' on Deuran-gil in Suseong-gu is a restaurant specialized in lobsters. It is a Japanese restaurant that is popular for the fish sculptures, wire crafts, wave paintings, and fish chairs in the lounge area.
⑤ 'Samsu Eel' on Deuran-gil in Suseong-gu was named the Beautiful Store of Daegu in 2008. Unlike most Korean restaurants, it is a sophisticated eel restaurant with a dignified atmosphere.

⑥ 'Chokhyangwon' in Seongseo Industrial Complex in Dalseo-gu is a Chinese restaurant that is loved by tourists and international students from China. It is famous for Sichuan-style Shabu-shabu and Peking Duck and all of the employees are also from China.

⑦ 'Original Hyeonpung Park So Sun's Halmae Gomtang' in Hyeonpung, Dalseong-gun has been operating the restaurant for three generations. It is specialized in Gomtang and close to the historical remains of Dalseong such as Mt. Biseul and Seokbinggo and the recently opened Daegu International Science Center.

⑧ 'Keunnamujip Gungjung Yak Baeksuk' in Ureuk, Dalseong-gun is run by a master of Gungjung Baeksuk and specialized in Baeksuk (chicken soup) that is famous across Korea. It is close to the scenic points of Gachang and many unique attractions such as Spa Valley and Herb Hills.

The City of Daegu will bestow Star Store Certificates and Tablets to the eight star stores and grant up to 10,000,000 KRW for their improvement, furnishings, and promotion, in addition to various other support programs in relation to tourism, franchising, marketing, and promotion.

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