Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Enjoy the luxury filled with the soul of local masters.

Enjoy the luxury filled with the soul of local masters.
- Oct. 30 (Fri) ~ Nov. 8 (Sun) Hyundai Department Store: “Dalgubeol Masters Exhibition” -
For 10 days from October 30 to November 08, Dalgubeol Masters’ Association (Chairman: Young Hee Kim) is hold an exhibition at Gallery H, Floor 9 of Hyundai Department Store, Daegu Branch.
This exhibition shows a collection of soulful masterpieces of the 10 Dalgubeol Masters designated as the highest level of skill holders in each area by Daegu Metropolitan City. This will introduce the excellence of the local culture and a higher level of cultural touches, and promote awareness of the importance of technology and developing technical skills by passing on the technical skills.
Through the works of the masters that you cannot meet easily, it is hoped that the excellence of the local technical skills will be widely introduced, leading to the popularization of luxury goods to contribute greatly to regional industrial development and skills development.
On October 30, the first day of the exhibition, Daegu Metropolictan City officers including Tae Ik Kim, Economic Planning Director, and In Young Lee, the manager of Hyundai Department Store, will attend the exhibition, celebrating the valuable meaning of this event.
Dalgubeol Masters’ Association, organized in 2013, is composed of 10 regional technical expert designated by Daegu Metropolictan City. Daegu Metropolictan City selects 5 Dalgubeol Masters each year through application and the screening committee’s selection process. Dalgubeol Masters for 2015 are expected to be selected in November.
Dong Woo Kim, Daegu Metropolitan Employment and Labor Director, said “The exhibition of masters will be a significant event in the sense of awakening the importance of developing the local technical skills. By developing creative skills and continuously training successors, we expect Dalgubeol Masters’ Association to become the axis of implements the creative economy of the regio.”

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