Friday, November 6, 2015

The Daegu Art Square, the largest art market, will be held at EXCO

The Daegu Art Square, the largest art market, 
will be held at EXCO from Nov. 4 to 8.

Joining 105 art galleries from 7 different nations, it consists of ‘Daegu Art Fair’ in which 4,500 art works of 700 artists will be displayed and sold and ‘Youth Arts Project’ in which 250 creative and experimental works of young artists under 40 will be introduced.
The Daegu Art Square is celebrating its 8th anniversary this year, having 105 art galleries from nations including Korea, US, Germany, France, China, Japan, Singapore, etc. Four art galleries such as GALLERY CAUTION, ART COLLECTION NAKANO, etc from Japan, two such as GALLERY HIATUS and ARTTAG CIRCLE from Singapore, ABLE FINE ART NY GALLERY from US, BODE GALLERY from Germany, ART WORKS PARIS SEOUL from France, and LYNN FINE ART GALLERY from China will join at this fair.

Along with these, art works of not only Korea’s famous artists including Gwak Hoon, Back Nam-Joon, Lee Gang-So, Lee Bae, Lee Yi-Nam, Choi Byung-So, but also various overseas artists including Dennis Oppenheim, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, Yoshitomo Nara, kUsama Yayoi will be presented to the public.
Furthermore, the Daegu Art Fare is planning four special exhibitions in order to show the stream and tendency of art both at home and abroad, which are expatriate artist Gwon Soon-Chol’s exhibition, Online Art Media Collaboration of Japan’s RED DOTIV, Life circulation exhibition, and Adidas special exhibition ‘All in A’.

At ‘Youth Arts Project“ there will be displayed unique and creative artworks of 50 young artists (12 from overseas, 38 from Korea) from 9 different nations such as Korea, US, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Taiwan, the Republic of South Africa.
With the theme of ‘You and I, the Twinkle World’, young artists’ art characterful works (painting, sculpture, installation, video, etc) engaged in a wide variety of genres will be displayed in one place, showing off originality, diversity and bold experiments of the contemporary art.

The Daegu Art Square has been holding both the Daegu Art Fare for creating an art market and Youth Arts Project for introducing creative and experimental artworks to citizens at the same time and place. It receives credit for making contributions to increasing the number of people who get interested in art and discovering emerging artists.
Its opening ceremony held at 5 PM, Nov. 3, will have 500 people from galleries both at home and abroad and the art world.
Admission fees at this Art Square are 8,000 won for ordinary people and 6,000 won for students (college students included). 

For more information: Daegu Art Fair(053-421-4774)
Web site:

Youth Arts Project (053-653-8123) 

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