Thursday, November 5, 2015

‘The History of Garakguk’

'The History of Garakguk'

‘The History of Garakguk’ created by the Daegu Opera House to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Korea’s independence will be onto the final stage of the 13th Daegu International Opera Festival.
‘The History of Garakguk’ complied during King Moonjong’s reign in Goryeo is a reference document that shows Japan’s first kingdom originated from Gaya, which is known that it is not in a complete from.

‘The History of Garakguk’ is the opera which describes people are struggling to find ‘the History of Garakguk’ on the grounds that ‘the History of Garakguk’ actually exists, which can surely prove Dokdo is part of Korea’s territory. This is made to the original book titled Dokdo The Hague by Jung Jae-Min, which was beloved bestseller for its great knowledge and thorough historical research on Dokdo and tense build.
This opera offers the tense plotting of the book with excellent performances. It received much spotlight for musics of Jin Young-Min, regional representative composer who have written musics for ‘The History of Garakguk’, ‘Soul of Fire’, ‘Imae Mask’, etc, and for interpretation of Jung Gap-Goon, opera director who was the first Asian to go into Puccini Festival.

‘ As this opera deals with Korea-Japan’s territorial disputes over Dokdo, I tried to focus on reviving the topicality and expressing in many different ways“, explained the director Jung Gap-Goon.
Meanwhile, the opera ‘The History of Garakguk’, under the support of ‘Happy Zone Ticket Sharing’ business by both the Korean Cultural & Arts Centers Association and Hyundai Motor Group, is making a contribution to offering 70 cultural alienated people broader opportunities to enjoy culture and arts and increasing welfare benefits.
Also, the Daegu Opera House will randomly pick a total of 200 audience for two days of performances and present a lot of gifts such as gift coupons for Gyochon Chicken and on-board the ship between Ulleungdo and Dokdo.
The opera ‘The History of Garakguk’ will be on the stage, two times, on Nov. 6 at 07:30 PM and Nov. 7 at 03:00 PM. ‘ There will be held ’Closing Concert & Opera Awards Ceremony’ with the conductor Yishinchao and opera singers of the Shanghai Opera Theater after the performances are over.
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