Tuesday, December 22, 2015

[A person of Daegu] Master painter Lee, In-Sung.

 In-Sung Lee was a leading painter of Korean art society in 1930's. Let's find out about his harch life and Apple Tree Lee, In-Sung memmorial street.

◆ Life of Lee, In-Sung

 In-Sung Lee made his debut on korean art society with '그늘(shade)', insired by workers who was taking a rest at the front gate of Gyeosung School. His painting was accepted by the government institution art award, the higest athority of art in Korea at the time. He could only got out of high school due to the financial problem; however, he was able to learn how to paint with the support of the CEO of Daegu art gallery (대구미술사), Dong-jin Seo, who discovered In-Sung's talent in the art.

'가을의 어느 날 (Someday of the autumn)' Lee, In-Sung

 After his talent in art was recognized, In-Sung was able to study in Japan with the support of the Daegu's influential people. While studying oversea, he'd learned and practiced about impressionism, post-impressionism, fauvism, and made them his style. This was resulted in a In-Snng's unique style, which could be described as a mixture of western art style and indigenous emotion of Korea. However, the most tragically, In-Sung was hit by a aimless bullet shot by a police, and passed away at his age of 39, when his artictic activities at its peak.

◆Apple Tree Lee, In-Sung Memmorial Street.

 In the remembrance of Lee, In-Sung and the messages he wanted to deliver to Korean, Daegu City constructed the Apple Tree Street on June, 2015. On the 7m high wall, In-Sung's masterpieces including, '가을 어느날', '사과나무', '카이유' are painted. Interestingly, the '사과나무 (Apple Tree)' was painted much redder than the original piece. It was intentionally drew this way according to the moral of 'completeing the spirits of the Korean on Japanese colonial era. Apple tree streets could be much meaningful place for the Korean who remembers the cruel rule of Japan during the time.

'사과나무 (Apple Tree)', Lee, In-Sung

In-Sung Lee died so young, but his work of arts still touches in our heart.

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