Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Chosen as 2015 best traditional marketplace, enjoy New Seonam Market only with 10 000 WON.

Seonam Traditional Marketplace is a famous Korean traditional market with long tradition, yet evolving along with the cunsumer's needs.

Seonam traditional market, also known as Jokbal street, is located on the major street of dowtown Daegu, Dalgubul street. Seonam market was the first to install automatic coupon publishing machines as a traditional market. Also, in 2015, Seonam traditional market is setected as a test market for Onnuri electrinic gift card.

History and Tradition

In 1985, Seonam marketplace was formed along the streets near the current location of the market. Back in time, Seonam market was the only marketplace in west Daegu, so it used to be croweded with the people from all over the city. Furthermore, bus stops and subway systems are located nearby, Seonam traditional market was always full with customers. Until 1990's Seonam traditional market was where customers wait for opening of the store.

Since the new shopping malls and grocery stores were opened around the Sung-seo new metro, Seonam traditional market lost a huge number of customers. However, initiative actions of Seonam market stores, they was able to modernize the market with the government's support. With the newly installed tiles, roof, arcade, customer service center, and public parking lot, people started to visit Seonam traditional market again, and has won the title of best Korean traditional marketplace.

Enjoying Seonam Traditional Market with 10 000 WON

Seonam traditional market earned its fame not only with the modernization, but also with the great food. Seonam traditional market offers 1 000 won mini-cafe, and 2 000 won snacks, such as Dddukboki, Hodduk, dumplings, doughnuts, fishcakes and more! Also, there is Jokbal that people cannot leave the market without having it. In Autum, Guamegi is in the season.

Groceries and seafoods are also offered with fair prices.

Selected for Onnuri Electronic Gift Card test market

In 2015, Seonam traditional market was chosen as a test market for Onnuri Electronic Gift Card. Onnuri gift card is available in almost every store in Seonam traditional market, and it gives even more convenience for the customers.

In addition, venders of Seonam market came up with a brilliant idea to install an automatic coupon publishing machine for the first as a traditional market. In Seonam traditional market, customers can recieve coupons at customer service center, and get benifits during and after their shopping.

With the modernization and varius choice of food, Seonam traditional market has been successful since its formation in 1985, and expected to develop even further.

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