Thursday, December 3, 2015

Daegu City Tour - Palgong Mt. Course

The tour starts at Banwoldang Station at 930 and then Dongdaegu Station at 10 AM. Then heads off to the four locations in the order that they are written about here.

First stop is Bullo-Dong Tomb Park. This park is a very quiet place right on the city outskirts. There are many tombs of high-raking officials from the past. They stay was short, but it was a great way to get into the mood of seeing the different sights.

The next stop was a bit more exciting. It was the Bangjja Yugi Museum. This place shows the different uses of Bronze from the past. It was interesting to see the different types of tableware, instruments, and utensils. There are several videos showing the labor needed to produce the highest quality products by hand. At the right side facing the entrance, there is a shop in wich you may purchase or browse the very high quality of the items for sale.

Next stop is a lunch break. You will need to bring some money for lunch and you are on your own. They will drop everyone off for lunch near the Palgong Mountain Cable Cars and you should have about 40 minutes to one hour to find a meal in one of about 40 to 50 restaurants. There are also several convenience stores at the bus drop off point.

Next was Donghwa Temple. On my first visit to Daegu over twenty years ago this was my first destination in the Daegu area. It was beautiful then and even more beautiful now. This site has the tallest standing Budda Statue in Asia. There are loads of beautiful things to see and take photos of. It is a very peaceful area.

Last stop is the Daegu Safety Theme Park. There you will be given a short video to see and then a briefing by an official from the Daegu Fire Rescue Team. After that, we headed down into a lower level. The next part was a very sad reminder of the infamous Daegu Subway Fire in 1995. The first step is to see one of the actual cars from the disaster and some of the items that were in the station at the time such as a kiosk and a telephone booth. Then you move to modern subway car to learn how to use the safety features. After the training, you will be put into a real scenario and they dim the lights and pump in fake smoke. You will be led out and videoed to evaluate everyone's actions. The last thing is to watch a short safety video, then reboard the bus for the trip back to our Colorful Daegu.

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