Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Daegu National Science Museum opens an ice sledding link.

 A ice sledding link will be opened opened at Daegu National Science Museum for the family visitors in the winter season! The link is set at the front of the Science Square right front to Science Playground building. 

  The link opens 10:00 ~ 17:45, divided into 8 period of 45 min playtime. Fees for renting sled and other equipment is 2 000 WON, and 1 000 WON would be cost for each parent who wants to enter with their childern. If you have the day's museum tickets, the rent fee would be discounted to 1 000 WON, and the parents can enter free of charge.

 Most importantly, the safety assistances will alway be monitoring the link to prevent any accedents.

 The link will officially open on December 24th, 01:30 pm. On the opening day, the museum will let every visitors enter the sledding link for free in celebration of 2nd anniversary. Moreover, there would be a gift for the first 100 visitors, so don't miss the chance!

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