Monday, December 14, 2015

Daegu's largest produce terminal, Paldal Market!

Most commonly, Daegu's 3 largest traditional marketplace refers to Seomun market, Chilsung market, and Gwanmun market, but sometimes Paldal Traditional Market fills the place instead of Gwanmun market. Paldal market was originally formed on Wondae-dong 1Ga; however, in 1970, the market was moved to the current location.

Paldal market is located near Paldal bridge. Since the marketplace is located on the gateway to Daegu, Paldal market used to be a center of produce trading hub in Daegu. However, Daegu Food Wholesale Market opened in 1988, and Paldal market had lost their major customers. In 2011, Paldal market regained their function as wholsalers, as the market officially became a produce terminal. Every moring, over 700 vendors work busily to provides fresh vegetable from every corner of Korea to Daegu citizens.

Also, in 2005, foundation of the associate of Paldal vendors resulted in improvement of customer convenient facilities, such as installation of arcade, new parking area, and publinc washrooms. Especially, the new public parking lots has capacity of total 250 vehicles with varius payment options including public transportation card.

As any other tradtional markets, Paldal market offers varius meals and snacks. Especially, Janchi Guksu (bouquet noodle) lookes more delicious in cold winter! Also, deep fired fichcake is only 1 000 won for 3. Within 10 000 Won, both customers and vendors can have a satisfing meal!

Unlikely for the traditional market, Paldal traditional market also run their own webpage. On the paldal market website (, all the informations including the map, the shop information, and available products of the season. Allways up-to-dated information allows the custormers to created the shopping list, travel rout; thus, save a lot of time!

Like all the fresh vegitables from all across the Korea, Paldal market is always full of lives.

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