Thursday, December 10, 2015

Daegu's original complex outlet, Gyodong Market.

Gyodong market is a unique kind of traditional marketplace in Korea. Gyodong market was also called 'Dokkaebi market', because back in time, the stores in this place used to handle the goods that cannot be traded in the marketplace. To avoid the police inspection, the stores used to run during the night times; thus, the market was called 'Dokkaebi', a fictional creature that appears as normal living wares during daytime, and appears as huge manly figure during the night.

History of Gyodong

Originally, the name 'Gyodong(校洞)' was given to this place because Daegu Hyanggyo (大邱鄕校, a school in Joseon dynasty period) was nearby. However, under Japanese rule over Joseon, Daegu Hyanggyo was moved to Namsan-dong. In 1956, although the Daegu Hyanggyo was moved out from this place a long time ago, this marketplace were named after the name 'Gyodong.'

In the time of the Korean war, snitched U.S. military supplies were traded in Gydong market. Once called 'Yankee market,' Gydong market had traded American snacks and US military uniform. Since then, peddlers traded imported goods in Gydong market. Until 1980's, Gydong market had its golden period in trading imported groceries and military goods. Even today, almost 30% of goods traded in Gydong market is imported snacks, and few of military stores are still remaining.

Today, Gydong market is famous for electronic/camera/sound system stores, as well as jewelry stores.

Enjoy Gyodong Market with 10 000 WON!

The most common items in Gydong market are imported snacks. It has been fairly normal in Korea recently, but only a few years ago, exotic snacks were rare that could be found in certain places like Gydong Market. In the food court, common Korean snacks are offered at great prices. Among the varius choices, seasoned fish cakes and squid-jeon (Korean pancake with squid) are the most eye-catching.

Great deals on fine jewelry and electronic gagets, tasty and affordable snacks, and interesting backstory sure make Gyodong Traditional Market a one-of-a-kind!

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