Thursday, December 17, 2015

Diversity film only cinema in Daegu, 55 Cinema&33 Cafe.

 'Once', 'Begin Again', 워낭소리'. 족구왕', '잉여들의 히치하이킹', '님아 그 강을 건너지 마오...' These are the Korean made diversity films. Diversity films are not made for profits, so it's hard to watch on regular movie theaters. To solve this problem, '55 Cinema' was opened last February. The theater was named 55, because the total number of seat is 55.

 55 Cinema is located between MMC 만경관 building and Gwak hospital. In the same building, 33 cafe also brings a favor for all diversity film lovers. Affiliated with 55 Cinema, 33 cafe provides a resting/meeting place for the audience. Since the cafe is equipted with a pc for websearch, headphones for music, and tons of books, it could always be a great place to spend a free time.

 Togather the cafe and the cinema, they can be called 3355 (sam-sam Oh-Oh in korean tongue). It's ver memorable name because the 3355 makes a pun with 삼삼오오 (三三五五), a mimetic work for a group of people gathering.

 On the menu, you can find more than just tea and coffee. Sweets that goes great with coffee, snacks, and both soft and spiked drinks. Also, all the drink and snacks bought from the cafe are allowed to bring inside the cinema! Most improtantly, movie tickets are solded at the cafe counter as well.

 Lists and brief informations of currently screening films can be found eather at the front desk of cafe, or the 55 cinema webpage and facebook.

 A fun fact about the 55 CInema is that the organization was sponsered by Daegu citizens. 55 cinema is a proof that showing a great interest on art of Daegu citizens.

 The enterance of the 55 cinema. Calligraphy on the wall is very eye-catching.

 One in a while, watching unique art films and having a chit-chat with people who share the same interest wouldn't be a bad idea. Disscover the beauty of korean diversity films at 55 Cinema, and make new friends in 33 cafe!

Find out more about the Korean diversity films on 55 Cinema webpage! ▶

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