Tuesday, December 1, 2015

GotBawi hiking

Got Bawi , literally means hat of stone. It is a nice place to hike and there are two types of trails to the top. It is located near Palgong Mountain and is a really nice quiet place to visit. This fall we took our four-year-old and she had a great time out in nature.

The hike is about 40 minutes to one hour for intermediate level hikers. With a small group, it may take longer depending on the members of the group. I have done this particular hike in the dead of winter and the sizzling hot of summer. I prefer the autumn or winter. As always, come prepared and dress in layers.

At the start of the trail, there is an information booth. I suggest picking up a map of the trail. Along the way, there are a few sights to see if you are interested in Buddist temples. Go slow and enjoy the peace and quiet as well as the fresh mountain air. On these hikes I often ask my daughter to stop and listen, then ask what she heard. Usually, she replies with, “Nothing, daddy.” To which I point out that we are no longer in the city. Sometimes she hears birds, chipmunks, or squirrels.

At bout one-third of the way up you can take a trail that has no stairs or handrails. Or you may choose to take the stairs. There are a lot of stairs. We usually go up the trail to the right, which is mountain hiking and then head down using the stairs.

There are two places with restrooms along the way. There are no places to buy water or food, so you should bring snacks and plenty of water for your hike.

At the top, there are some vendors and a shop in which you can buy Buddist souvenirs and postcards or other items. The view from the top is wonderful and wide. Then you can take a look around the temple and snap some photos.

Take the subway red line number 1 to Ayangyo station and then take bus 649 to Gatbawi. It is about 30 minutes by bus to the park.


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