Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Protect your health from fine dust this winter!

 As the air polution in China has been worse through the years, Korea and the other Aisan countries also suffer from it.  Specifically, the fine dust is the worst of the kind. The fine dust contains heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, a category 1 carcinogen classified by World Health Organization, so we should be more cautious.

 The fine dust are mostly caused by running boiler, cars, and power plants. During the cold winter season, the increase in heating causes increase in fine dust. Moreover, due to severe El Niño and Daegu's geographic characteristic, there would be more often fine dust alert this year in Daegu.

 Now, how do we prepare for the fine dust? It is best not to go outside; however, no one can stay home all through the winter. If you go outside, wear a filtering mask which covers your nose and mouth. Pluse, drinking water could help maintaining your health against the fine dust.

 Here's few more pieces of advice:

- Stay inside.
- Wear a mask when you go outside.
- Wear hats and glasses. (protect ears and eyes.)
- Don't open windows often.
- Drink water more often.
- When you get back from outside, wash your hands and face in the running water.
- Avoid outdoor activities.

 Hope everyone get through this winter well and stay healthy.

Fine dust forecasting/alarming system (Korean)

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