Monday, February 22, 2016

2016 Colorful DAEGU Parade Participants Registration

2016 Colorful DAEGU Festival
Colorful Parade Participants Registration

Daegu Metropolitan City is currently recruiting participants of 2016 Colorful Parade for Colorful DAEGU Festival in May. The festival is one of the biggest festivals in Daegu with variety of program arrangements. Among them, 'Colorful parade' is definitely the highlight of the festival. 

Parade runs as a competition over the cash prizes which worth 12,860,000 won in total amount. Teams are judged on many qualities including uniqueness, personality, audience appeal, and completeness.

   ■ 2016 Colorful Festival 'Colorful Parade'    
-Date of the Festival : 2016. 5. 7 ~ 5. 8
-Recruitment Period: 2016. 1. 12 ~ 3. 31
-Theme of the parade: Passion
-Theme Color of 2016 : Red (must be included the costume)
-Host Organization: Daegu Metropolitan City
-Qualification:  Anyone who submit the application in advance.
※ Participating teams will be screened based on their applications if the number of applicants exceeds capacity.

  ■ How to Apply:  
1) Applying Online: Visit Festival website (Korean) and fill out the form. 
2) Applying Via E-mail : Send proposal document (must include: Name, Phone number, The number of participants, Team Introduction, A short parade plan) to

  ■ Contact  
Daegu Foundation for Culture
-Call: 053-430-1264 , 1265

 Express yourself 
freely, creatively, and colorfully! 

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