Wednesday, February 17, 2016

[Culture] The 178th Concert of Daegu City Arts Group of Korean Classical Music

Daegu Korean Classical Music Group, a Korean traditional music orchestra representing the city of Daegu, will have its 178th regular concert coming March 2nd at Daegu Culture and Art Center.


 The concert consists of diverse Korean traditional musical programs performed by artists of Daegu who are designated as intangible cultural asset of Korea. Opening with 'Jeonpae-hwamun'(전폐회문) , the splendid traditional music performance for worshipping the late kings and queens of the Choseon Dynasty, they will also feature Daegu's folk drum dance 'Nalmae Book-choom' (날뫼북춤), Pansori(판소리), Haegeum Sanjo (해금산조), Korean classical orchestra, and so on.

The concert would be a great opportunity for those who are looking for a experience of native music of Daegu region.

■ About Performance

- Dates 2016.3.2 (Wed)
- Time 7:30 p.m.
- Venue Daegu Culture and Art Center Palgong Hall, 대구문화예술회관 팔공홀
- Price : Adult 10,000 won / Student 5,000 won
- Website :
- Purchasing Tickets : 588-7890


Bus : In front of the Performing Arts Center / 202, 452, 600, 609, 618, 650, 836, 706
Subway: 20-mintue walk from exit 1 of Seongdangmot Station (Line 1)
Parking: Available

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