Wednesday, February 24, 2016

[Culture] Daegu Metropolitan Dance Theatre Performance 'Moon-Looking Dog' and 'Dejavu'

Daegu Metropolitan Dance Theatre presents its regular performance on March 9th, and March 10th. The dancing 'Moon-Looking Dog' and 'Dejavu' were highly acclaimed and had favorable reviews from 'Biennale  de la danse'.

Both performances and recorded sold out for all times at Biennale  de la danse.

The art dirctor of Daegu Metropolitan Dance Theatre, Hong Seung-Yeop, said “Both performances have high level of creativity and completness even after 16 years went by. features black and white contrast, while shows splendid colors. “

■ Art Director : Hong Seung-Youp

Moon-Looking Dog , Dejavu
The 69th Regular Performance of Daegu Metropolitan Dance Theatre
-Dates: 2016.3.9 ~ 2016.3.10
-Time: 7:30 p.m.
-Venue: Daegu Culture and Art Center Palgong Hall
-Director of Art: Hong Seung-Yuop
-Age restriction: Exceed 8
-Price: R 15,000 KRW / S 10,000 KRW
-Purchasing Tickets: 1588-7890,

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  1. I cannot get the ticketwebsite to show my anything about this show. Any help?