Thursday, February 11, 2016

Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum (Korean Brassware Museum)

Have you ever heard of 'Bang Jja' which is traditional Korean hand-foraged bronzeware? Bangjja is well known for the highest quality among many kinds of brassware in Korea. Because of its demanding manufacture process, it's not easy to see original Bangjja products in general use anymore. 

Therefore, Touch Daegu recommend you to visit 'Daegu Bangjja Brassware Museum' built to preserve the Bangjja Yugi, a Korean traditiona cultural property. 

Bangjja Yugi(Korean Bronzeware) is made by a method wherein an alloy of copper and tin, in the ratio of 78 parts to 22, is pounded and hit repeatedly by several people with hammers in hand to draw it out thinly to form a shape. Major items of Bangjja Yugi include musical instruments, utensils and other items for religious services, tableware and living goods. Recently teaspoons, knives and forks have also been made by Bangjja Yugi with the change of lifestyle.

Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum is the only museum of its kind in Korea. The museum has numerous brassware products that were generously donated by Lee Bong-Ju. His collection was subsequently appointed intangible cultural asset number seventy-seven by the Korean government. As you can see in the pictures you'll learn everything about Bangjja Yugi from history to making techniques by visiting the museum.

They also have simulation game to give kids easier and more interesting education. 

One more thing to know: A special exhibition 'The trace of Korean Mountain Temples' is held until Mar.30th, so do not miss it when you visit the place!  

Visiting Guide
Visiting Hours: 10am ~ 7pm (April ~ October), 10am ~ 6pm (November ~ March)
Closed: January 1, Lunar New Year & Chuseok, Mondays, Special occasions set by the Museum
Admission Fees: Free
- Please be careful not to cause inconveniences to other visitors
- Taking pictures is not allowed in the exhibition rooms
- Food, pets or smoking are not allowed

Exhibition Hall Information 
* First ground floor-brassware cultural hall, donating hall, video education hall 
* First basement floor – reappearance hall, special storage, regular storage 
1) First ground floor- planning exhibit hall, a souvenir shop 
2) Second ground floor – data research hall, office

Address: 399, Dohak-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu
Bus: Express 1, Palgong 1(bound for Donghwasa Temple)
Tel: 053-606-6171 Fax: 053-606-6179

Parking Facilities 
Available (Small-sized car: 3 parking lots / Large-sized car: 6 parking lots)

Photos: Daegu Citizen Press, Lim,Kyung-Ok

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