Monday, February 29, 2016

[Press Article] Keungol Valley Hike ( Upper Intermediate Level Hike )

This was a tough hike, as most of it was steady climbing. If you notice the contour lines on the map above are very close.  We started at the bottom of the mountain near the south end of the Apsan Beltway.  At the highest point, we were at about 550 meters.  This may have ranked in at the second or third most difficult hike on Apsan.  We took snack and coffee and lots of water.  The day was cool and wet.  This is the reason I wanted to try this course.  I was hoping to get a nice view of the city on an overcast day.  It paid off very nicely as we neared the top and started getting to places where we could look out over the city.

The overcast day made it very quiet and peaceful.  We only saw a few other hikers and a couple of mountain bikers as well.  It was a very nice day to hike.

The area where we took the first few photos was not too much higher than the fog hanging over the city but was just what I had hoped we would see.  It was like a blanket over the city.

Not much farther up the mountain, we saw a sign reminding people that we should not shout “Yahoo!”  This used to be a normal thing to do when hikers reached a nice overlook.  It is bothersome to the animals that live in the forest and to other hikers.  So, please remember, it is not ok to do that.

Near the top, we were able to look into the park and see the connecting mountains. All I can say is “WOW!”

I hope we can find a day during the spring to get up there when the sun is shining across the city and the beauty of the park.  If you happen to see us, please say Hi, maybe we can sit down together and share some snacks and stories of your hikes in Apsan park or surrounding areas. I look forward to seeing you on the mountain!

[Apsan Keungol Management Office]

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