Tuesday, February 23, 2016

[Press Article/Tour ] Daegu & Vicinity Tour Stamp Trail

Last year in the spring I purchased book pictured above, one for each of the three members of my family.  They each cost 1,000 KRW and are also good for one day’s worth of rides on the Daegu City Tour Bus. ( normally, the bus ride is about 5,000 KRW! ).  Thus we began our mission of reaching as many destinations as we could until the end of October.  Here is how it worked for the 2015 Tour.  Foreigners needed to make at least ten destinations for the stamps. Koreans are required to get 30 stamps.  My wife is Korean and my daughter and I are foreigners, so I decided that we would get at least thirty like mommy needed.  Below, are some of the locations to go to and you can also see the stamps in blue ink.

It takes a little devotion to get to thirty different locations, but for me it was a great way for the family to get out of the house and visit some cool places.  I would bet that some of the places you enjoy in Daegu will be on next year’s tour trail.

There are more than ten different locations all within walking distance in the downtown area.  Taking one or two of the Daegu City Tour course routes will also be a fun way to get to the attractions.

The best part of the tour for me was doing it with my five year old daughter.  We were on the go using buses, subways, the Daegu City Tour Bus, and some gentle steps to get to the locations such as Gotbawi, The Arc, Daegu Stadium, Anjirang Market, the Observatory on Apsan, and many more.

Many of the attractions are of historical importance and for us to be able to visit those places was a great way to learn of Daegu’s rich past and its cultural importance to the Republic of Korea.  I enjoy seeing old buildings and ceremonial locations. My daughter enjoyed the natural beauty of some of the outdoor locations and the modern museums.

We will get on the stamp tour again this year.  We hope to see some of you out there as well.  If you happen to see us, please give us a shout out.  That is unless we are someplace where we should be a little quiet like the temple on Palgong Mt.  Then maybe just a wave would work also.

In the end, we took our completed stamp books to Duryu park visitors center and signed up to receive our Certificates and we also each received 10,000 won vouchers we can use at some of the traditional markets in the city.  We hope to see you out there!

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