Monday, February 15, 2016

[Recruitment] 2016 Daegu International Marathon : Street Cheer & Performance Teams

One of Daegu City's big annual events, Daegu International Marathon, will be held on April 3rd this year. For widen participation of locals and visitors, Daegu is now recruiting Street Cheer, and Performance Teams. Those who want to support 2016 Daegu International Marathon with your talent, please gladly register! 

"Daegu City Recruits Street Cheer and Performance Teams for 2016 Daegu International Marathon!"  

  Recruiting Date:  

  Qualification to Apply:  
 College clubs, Local companies, Community center, and other kinds of Groups and organizations. 

  Recruitment of Teams:  
 100 teams (80 Street Cheer Teams, 20 Performance Teams)

 Places of Cheering and Performance :  
Jung-gu chung (Junggu Council), Dongshin gyo Bridge, Sang dong intersection, Beomeo intersection, Hwangeum intersection, Suseong gyo Bridge, Banwoldang intersection, Jung dong intersection, Samdeok intersection, Daegu Bank intersection, Daegu Haany University, Daegu Namsan highschool, Shincheon gyo intersection, Daegu Station, Dalseong intersection etc.  (The places are subject to change) 

 Date and time:  
 2016.4.3 7:30a.m.~1:30p.m. 

  How to register:  
 ②Download application form 
 ③Send the application form to: , or

For more information, please contact

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