Tuesday, March 29, 2016

[Daegu Dialect] What does 'Ajumma' , 'Ajimae' means in Korean?

Have you heard of the Korean word ‘Ajumma’?  It is a word meaning ‘a middle aged woman who married’. One funny thing of Ajumma is that many Ajummas have similar hair style which is short length permed hair style.  Korean Ajumma may look impolite and aggressive in public area for time to time but they are all warmhearted mothers who love their family very much!  

Ajimae is a Gyeonsang-do province dialect word for ‘Ajumma’. Sometimes especially in rural areas Ajimae refers to ‘aunt’ but it is not actually a word for a family relationship.

So let’s see how the words are used in conversation.

1. Ma'am, I appreciate it!
(Daegu Ver.) Ajimae, Kamsahamniday!
(Seoul Ver.) Ajumma, Kamsahamida!

2. Ma'am, Can I get some water please?
(Daegu Ver.) Ajimae, Mul jom juyiso
(Seoul Ver.) Ajumma, Mul jom juseyo.

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