Saturday, March 19, 2016

Daegu Yangnyeongsi Yeommae Market

Here’s another Daegu’s traditional market- ‘Yeommae Market’!
Eventhough this market is not that big, it is well known among local people becuase of its location. Yeommae Market is near Dongseongro, the most lively street in Daegu.

Especially Yeommae Market is  famous for ‘Pyebaek Food’stores. Paybaek food is a package of party food for Korean traditional wedding ceremony. You will see colorful ,and elaborate Paybaek food and  rice cakes.

Besides Pyebaek food shops and rice cake shops, there are other shops also just like normal Korean traditional markets. At the entrance many Pyebaek food stores are gathered together and when you go more inside of the market you’ll see other kinds of stores such as dried fish shop, shoe repair shop, fruit stand, and everything.

While sightseeing the market, try some of market style street food there!  Spicy Eomuk (Korean fish cakes with spicy flavor), various kinds of Jeons (Korean pancakes), Gangjeongs (Rice crackers with nuts)! Instead of eating at franchise restaurants try real traditional market food in Yeommae Market!

The market is located downtown and surrounded by big, and modern buildings such as department stores so probably it will give you distinctive impression.  Visit the market when you are downtown!

Yeommae Market

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