Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How to protect yourself against fine dust pollution

Tips to protect your health from fine dust pollution

Daegu and almost all other big cities in Korea have air pollution issue now such as fine dust, yellow dust, and smogs that are coming from China. Specially fine dust pollution has increased rapidly and it  threatens people’s respiratory system and skins silently.

To avoid these diseases caused by fine dust, here are some tips that you can do easily in your everyday routine.

#1 Carry a protective mask when you are out.
Wearing a mask is one of effective ways to avoid inhaling of fine dust. You can find many kinds of masks at drugstores but among them the one that obtained a certification from KFDA( Korean Food and Drugs Administration) is the most effective. Wearing a hat is also recommended to protect your scalp from fine dust.

#2 Gargle and wash up with Salt water
Wash your hands, face, and do gargling every time you come home. Salt water is especially good to sterilize germs from dust. Put 1~2 pinches of salt into your water cup and gargle your mouth after brushing teeth. Washing your face with salt water is also good to remove fine dust from you face.

#3 Brushing your clothes off
Dust off your clothes with brush or duster keeps fine dust  from getting into  your house and it is also good for quality of clothes.

#4 Drink More Water 
Drink water is alway emphasized. However you should drink more water on dusty days to excrete dust from your body, esepcially respiratory organs.  Vegetable which contains sufficient water is also good for fine dust protection.