Monday, March 7, 2016

[Photo Exhibition] The Magnificent Views of Dalseong, Daegu

A great landscape photo exhibition is held until end of March in Daegu. The name of the exhibition is ‘Dalseong Jeolgyeong’ which means ‘The magnificent views of Dalseong (or Dalseong-gun), which is south and wstern part of Daegu.  

The exhibition is a private exhibition held by Kwang Cheol, Choi who is a blog press member  of Dalseong-gun county. The exhibition  features beautiful, and scenic views of Dalseong region in four seasons taken from various places by the photographer Mr.Choi.

Below are some of his works.

‘Dalseongho lake cruise ship and Sunset.’ / Location: Samunjin Naru

 ‘Snowy scene of Daegyeonsa Temple’ / Location: Daegyonsa Temple

 ‘A day with nice clouds’ / Location: Samunjingyo Bridge

 ’Biseulsan Mountain Sunrise’ / Location: Beseulsan Mountain

‘The Morning Cloud of Technopolis’ / Location: Daegyeonsa Temple)

The Magnificent Views of Dalseong
-Date: 2016.2,22~2016.3.31
-Opening Hours: 9:00~18:00
-Closed: Weekend
-Admission Fee: Free
-Location: Dalseong County Office, Chamkot Gallery (2F)

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