Thursday, March 3, 2016

[Press Article] Cave of a King ( Wang-Gul )

We did a good hike on a cool day to see the cave a king hid in.  The name of the site is Wang Gul. We took the 410-1 to Anjiranggol office and hiked up past Anil Temple.  There are trail markers showing where to turn left to first see the stone tower.  It is said if you toss a small rock up onto the tower and the rock stays on the tower you will have good luck.  Good luck getting your stone to stay up there!

Another  twenty minutes or so and you will be at the Cave of a king.  This is where we stopped for a snack and some coffee.

Our goal was to get there and then head for the peak of Apsan at 658 meters.  This isn’t a very difficult hike.  Just go slow and watch your footing.  After climbing the stairs next to the two small caves, you can get a nice view down through Anjirang Valley into the city.

Continue following the trail.  This area hasn’t had a lot of trail work and mostly unimproved trails.  Te park itself has had a lot of trail work done in 2014 and 2015.  I expect to see some improvements in this area in the coming year.
It should be another 15 to 20 minutes until you reach the peak.  It is a nice place for a photo and we were asked to snap a family photo for another group of hikers after which they offered to take ours.  Very friendly people up there on the trails.

From the peak we headed South-east toward the helipad.

We stopped and had a late luch in the forest and then realized, the sun was setting and that it is true what they say. “Time flies when you are having fun!”

I always come prepared for any event and was prepared with a headlamp and two pocket lights.  We didn’t need them but we were ready .  Most of the lower trails are lit with lamps but it is never a good idea to get caught up there without flashlights. 

There are lots of trails and some are more difficult than others.  This was an intermediate level hike.  My daughter is four years old ( western age ) and she did it but was getting tired towards the end.  We hiked down to the Apsan park office and went to the bus parking area and caught a bus home.  All I all it is a good hike and I woud love to do it again this spring.

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  1. wow! i've lived in Daegu for so many many years but didn't know there's such wonderful place to visit. 'll try to go with my family on coming weekend. Thanks