Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Lions and their new home

A new landmark has unfolded in Daegu.  After its groundbreaking in 2012, the Samsung Lions’ Park finally made its debut last March 19 as the new home of the Samsung Lions baseball team. Crowds in blue and white packed into the stadium to celebrate an event that deserves a spot in the sports history of Daegu.

It was a festive day. The crowd broke into cheers as the city officials made the ceremonial first batting to formally open the new ballpark, in time for the 2016 Regular Season League. When the Lions finally came out into the field for a friendly match against a team of TV personalities, the cheers turned more ecstatic.

Inside the new ballpark.

Even persons with disabilities are well accommodated inside the stadium.

The stadium boasts of a 24,000-seat capacity and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.Over a hundred billion won was spent to build the stadium. But building a new home for one of Korea’s best teams is well worth it. And the Lions deserve nothing less than that. They’ve brought great pride to Daegu for an impressive feat since its founding in 1982. With eight championship titles under their belt, the Lions have become one of the city’s sports icons. And they’ve created baseball superstars like Yang JoonHyuk and Lee SeungYoup.

When the regular season league opens on April 1, the stadium is seeing the season’s first match: Samsung Lions versus the Doosan Bears – the defending champion and a formidable opponent to beat.

Young citizen journalists came early on to cover the historic event.

But the crowd of blue and white will pack the stadium again. They will explode into cheers that will inspire confidence in their beloved sluggers. They will chant the Lions’ names in unison, until they roar like kings of the game.

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  1. Today is the first day of baseball season!! Though not watching the game at the stadium today, I will stick to the television with chicken and beer~