Monday, March 21, 2016

The Opening Day of Daegu Samsung Lions Park

The Opening Day of Daegu Samsung Lions Park

Last Saturday, March 19th, there was an opening ceremony of Daegu’s new baseball stadium- Daegu Samsung Lions Park! A large crowd of people of all ages who love Samsung Lions and Daegu gathered with excitement to see their brand new baseball stadium.

Kids wearing blue caps are Daegu City’s the first members of Kids Press which founded March, this year. They also visited Samsung Lions Park to cover the opening ceremony as the youngest reporters of Daegu.

When it comes to baseball park, you can’t never  forget the  food! Samsung Lions Park have a variety of take-out food courts on 2nd and 3rd floor. Some franchise fast food restaurants, a locally famous brand fried chicken stand, and some other kind of quick and simple snacks are available on 3rd floor. On 2nd floor it has more food stands in a food court named ‘Food Street’. In Food Street, you can have your food sitting on a table as well. Stop by the Food Street and try some of its great food!

For the opening ceremony one of top-ranked cheerleader teams in Korea, and many celebrities including K-pop star ‘Yeoja-chingu (Girlfriend)’ were coming to make the ceremony more cheerful and festive.  After all congratulatory speeches and performances the last but not least event of the opening ceremony, a goodwill baseball game by Samsung Lions and Celebrity Baseball Team consisting of Korean TV stars were held.   

Daegu’s new baseball stadium opened successfully with the glare of public attention of Daegu citizens. As a new landmark of Daegu City, Samsung Lions Park will be a proud baseball field with its new identity providing great facility for everyone including Samsung Lions  and Daegu citizens.


-Address: 1, Yagujeonseol-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea
-Subway: Line2,  Daegu Grand Park Station Exit 4 or Exit 5 (1min distance by walk)
-Bus: 349,449,724,수성3(Suseong 3), 수성3-1 (Suseong3-1)
-Parking: Available

Photos: Daegu Citizen Press


  1. How can we purchase tickets? Is there an English website? Thanks much!

    1. Hello,
      Unfortunately there is no official English website for ticket purchasing. However please refer this website : You can purchase Samsung Lions game tickets in English during KBO League season which starts on April 1st. :)

    2. How can I order tickets? Can I call the phone number listed on the site you linked? Or is there some other means for me to order tickets in English?
      Thank you.

    3. Hello,
      there is no official website for ticket purchasing in English. However the most recommended site for KBO ticket is Interpark ( ). You can also get tickets at the stadium ticket booth on a game day also.