Thursday, April 21, 2016

Colorful tulips at Samunjin Naru (Samunjin Ferry)

Visit Samunjin Naru where you can enjoy beautiful tulips in Daegu! On spring season, there are plenty of great places full of cherry blossoms, however, areas full of tulip flowers are unusual.

Look! Many people visited Samunjin Naru for a spring outing with their family and friends even though it was a cloudy day when the photos were taken.

It was not the best day to visit because of the bad weather but still it was beautiful. Imagine how great it would be on a sunny day!

Totem poles and Korean traditional straw-thatched cottages! Those white papers hanging near a tree are wish papers written by visitors.

If you're hungry I recommend you to try the food here Samunjin Ju-mak Chon! As you see many people are having food with Makgeolli. You see a small metal kettle on a table? That's Makgeolli. Just go inside one of tents, take a seat and order food that you want to try.

The most popular menu you can have at Samunjin Naru is Gook-su (noodle) and Pa-jeon (Korean pancake)! Makgeolli and Pa-jeon is a good food combination that Koreans commonly have.

A lady is making a Pa-jeon. She looked very busy to cook for many visitors.

 Tofu with spicy cabbage salad and seaweed is another popular menu. It not only tastes good but also nutritious.

Gukbap (Hot soup with rice) and Dotori Muk (acorn jellied food)

All food at Samunjin are made of local produce and the price is reasonable. Therefore, sometimes you have wait times!

The ticket office for boat riding was also crowded.

Colorful tulips, boat riding, nice local food... There are many reasons to visit Samunjin Naru!

Samunjin Naru

-Address : 40-18 Samunjin-ro, Hawawon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

-Bus: Dalseo3 (달서 3)

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