Monday, April 11, 2016

How to read Bus Management System (Bus Information System) in Daegu?

You will probably see this digital display while waiting for a bus at a bus stop. It shows Daegu City's real time bus information of arrival and location update. However since it offers Korean service only foreigners have difficulty getting information.

So how can you read Bus Arrival and Location Update?

① Bus Number

② How many minutes/stops left until next bus
Usually, it shows how many minutes left with numbers. But when the bus is one or two stops before it shows the letters‘전전’ (2 stops away from you) / or ‘전’ (one stop away from you). The Korean word ‘전’ means ‘before’ and ‘previous’. So you need to be ready to get on the bus when you see the sign of your bus as ‘전’.    

③The Nearest Bus Status
It shows the status of a bus. ‘출발’ is ‘departure’. So according to the picture above, the ‘708’bus is just departing at the previous bus stop.

④The Last Bus
This is very useful information at late night. ‘막차’ is the last bus. So if you see the sign ‘막차’, you’d better not miss the bus! ⑤The Last Stop of last bus  It shows the last bus’s last stop as well so you need to make sure if the last bus goes to your stop.

⑥Other information of Daegu City
In this part you can have short information about Daegu's new city policy, city events, and traffic condition (Only if you can read Korean!)

For more information about Daegu City’s Bus service, please visit :Daegu Bus Line Guide

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