Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Meet Min Hee, Daegu City’s the youngest Blog Press member!

Hi everyone! I would like to introduce Min Hee. She is one of the newest members of Daegu’s Social Media Press.  She is a five-year old girl. Her father is an American and her mother is Korean. She was born in Daegu.  I asked her a few questions about herself and here are the things she would like you to know.

Min Hee, what is your favorite color?  ”Pink!”

What are your favorite foods? ”Cookies and tomatoes.”
What is your favorite number?  ”Two.”

Why is two your favorite number? ”I like two.”   
Where is your favorite place to go?  ”The playground.  There are so many friends there. ”
What is your favorite TV show? ”Princess Sophia”
You are a Citizen Reporter.  What do you want to do as a Citizen Reporter? ”I want to take pictures and send them to my grandma in Gyoungi-Do and Nana and grandpa Popcorn in New York. ”

How do you like to travel around Daegu?  ”With mommy and daddy on the Daegu City Tour windy ( she means the double-decker, open-top bus ) bus.”

What was the most fun you had in Daegu? ”We went somewhere with kids and hotdogs and people.” ( This was the Colorful Festival in downtown Daegu. )

What else do you like? “Fish earrings and funny earrings and banana earrings.”
If you could go anywhere in Daegu and spend the day, where would you go and what would you do? “ I like kids cafes! So many friends there and there is fun.”
Any other places? “I like daddy-daughter adventures and duck boats.”

Is there anything you want to tell the readers? “Jelly beans and gummi bears. Because, every people think they are delicious.”
Is that it? “ I like pretty clothes. I like when people say I look pretty.”

Min Hee and I hope you will get out and see the city.  We hope to highlight some well-known places and introduce a few lesser known places.  We hope you will enjoy our posts and share them with your friends and family here in Daegu or back home.

Min Hee also has a dedicated facebook page named 'Where in Daegu is Min Hee?' Please go to her page and click the LIKE button. This way you can keep up with her adventures more often.


  1. What a great interview Min Hee. I'm so happy that you are doing this and can not wait to see and hear more about your travels around Daegu! Love Nana and Grandpa Popcorn❤️😍❤️👵🏻👴🏻

  2. I am you Aunt Winky (Great Aunt Winky!!) and I love your blog and seeing your photos!! I'm in Cincinnati, Ohio and I'm so happy I can keep up with you a little bit on Facebook:) Even though we've never met I love you because you're my family sweet girl!