Thursday, April 14, 2016

Palgongsan Cherry Blossom Festival April 13th to the 17th, 2016

Today was the start of the Palgongsan Cherry Blossom Festival.  It runs until Sunday the 17th of April.  We took the subway to Ayangyo ( Ayan Bridge subway station ) on the red line then caught the Rapid 1 bus.  The bus was 35 min.  We stepped off the bus right at the entrance of the festival.

There are vendors with everything from natural foods and mountain grown vegetables to sunglasses, clothes and medicinal supplements.

In the middle of all the vendors, there is an amphitheater.  There were live performances of singing and dancing going on.  We sat down and watched for about thirty minutes then headed off to find some snacks before checking out more of the booths.

There were booths scattered among the different vendors with different meats, sweets, and an assortment of drinks.  This area is also famous for its restaurants.  So, if you need to have a full lunch or dinner there are loads of opportunities.  Most, if not all restaurants in the area can provide menus in English or Chinese.

 There were low clouds hanging over the mountains and it was a little cool out but this made for some great photos.

 As we normally do we stopped by for a bunny photo.  The road here leading up to the Palgongsan Cable Cars is  dotted with the 12 different animals of the Chinese zodiac.

If you plan to visit I suggest taking public transportation.  Much of the normal parking areas are being used as the venue for the event.  As this is the start of the spring visits to the area, traffic will be heavy.  This is the area in front of Donghwa Temple and the Palgongsan Cable Cars as well as the Dageu Safety Theme Park.  So, be ready for many people trying to enjoy the many area attractions.

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  1. The adorable little girl in the picture makes me smile~ :) Cute!!!