Thursday, April 7, 2016

[Press/Article] Sugar Rush from Caffe It Chu

Sugar Rush from Caffe It Chu

I don’t know about you, but I have a serious sugar addiction. I’m the worst when it comes to finding a place to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Confession: I can eat a ton, and even though I’m full from whatever meal I’ve just dug into, somehow I still usually have room for “something sweet.” A few months ago, while out with a friend, we came across an awesome dessert cafe downtown, Caffe It Chu.

This super-sweet cafe is the place to go if you’re craving straight-up sugar. You might be aware of the growing popularity of churros around the city. There are pop-up stands selling them everywhere and you can get a sad excuse for one at the CGV movie theaters. But if you want a good one, and I mean a really good one, you need to stop into Caffe It Chu.

CIC offers traditional churros, churros and ice cream, and the best thing ever: filled churros.

That’s right: you can get sugary churros filled with chocolate sauce, peanut butter, apple glaze (think apple pie filling, which is YUM), or cream cheese. They’re served warm and with your choice of dipping sauce (because who doesn’t want MORE SUGAR?).

If you’re into the odder things in life, try the garlic or cheese churros. They’re still covered in sugar, which gives them an unusual taste. Who knows?! You might find you really like them.

If you’re not into churros, you can order bingsu. And of course, in keeping with the Korean cafe style, CIC offers an assortment of hot or cold drinks.

So what are you waiting for? Get your arse over to Caffe It Chu and chow down on some churro goodness.

How do you get to Caffe It Chu?
Caffe It Chu
Jung-gu Gongpyeong-dong 80-2
Daegu Gwangyeong-shi
Tel. 053-253-9111

From the subway:
Take the red or green line to Banwoldang Station. Walk out of Exit 10 (not door 10!). Walk straight until you reach the intersection with a traffic light. Turn left here. Caffee It Chu will be on the left side of the street after you’ve passed 3 traffic lights. (There’s also a back entrance, which can be a bit more confusing to find on your own as it’s in an alleyway, but both are acceptable doors to walk in!)

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  1. That looks fun. I think I would be in heaven after eating some of the filled Churros though. Thanks, Krissi!

  2. Lovely place it is!! So tempting enough to forget my diet~ Thanks