Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Apsan Clothes Washing Event

Each year at the end of April or the start of May, The Daedeok Festival is held in the area south of Daemyoung Subway Station. It is a rather large festival that holds an awards ceremony to recognize contributions of residents of all ages.  While we were there Min Hee was surprised that there were so many children her age receiving awards and prizes for actions in the community.  Some of the highlights of the festival are over one Kilometer of vendors along the road below the Apsan Beltway. Food and handmade crafts were in the majority! 

Min Hee was very interested in the clothes washing event. She had seen event posters, flyers and mock-clotheslines with colorful children’s clothing several times, in the area, as we take the bus to go hiking, and asked what it was for.

In the past, well before the need for modern roads and drainage systems, there was a stream and man-made well in the area that is now a park.  This was a popular area for residents to come and wash their clothing. Now, that near every house in the area has a washing machine, this type of work is no longer done outside. To show the younger generations how it was done this event is held during  the Daedeok Festival.

Several wash and rinse stations were set up so that participants could have a hands-on experience in washing clothes the old fashioned way.
“Is that for making kimchi, mommy?”

“Oh, NO!”

“So Yoonah!”
While we were learning about the event, Min Hee bumped into her friend.  Hello.  Hugs. I missed you.  ( even though it was yesterday that they saw each other….. lol ) Then, goodbyes!

Min Hee thought there were some strange looking things at the wash-stations. She has seen her mom use a washboard at home and a bar of soap to wash clothes, but mom’s is blue and made of plastic. Here there was a large basin, wooden washboard, clothes, and the strange thing to Min Hee, was a rather ( to her, at least. ) large piece of wood.  This is used to beat the soap in and dirt out of the clothes.  We don’t have anything like that at home!

We had a prior engagement with Min Hee, so we were unable to stay for the actual hands on although we really wanted to!

There were local vendors on hand with some items for sale.  All items appeared to be handmade!  We have actually seen lots of local vendors appearing at festivals more often than in the past.

If you would like to see more of Min Hee’s adventures, feel free to visit her very own facebook page, “Where In Daegu is Min Hee?”

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