Thursday, May 26, 2016

Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival 2016 - Press Article I

 " Colorful Day in Colorful Daegu " 

This annual festival welcomes all walks of life and cultures to it’s gates to celebrate the diversity of Deagu and enjoy it’s eclectic society. Located in the Memorial Park, the festival was in full swing Saturday 21st with the sun shining bright and not a cloud to be seen.There were families, friends, locals and expats alike coming together to enjoy the education, entertainment, and to have some ice cream in the beating sun. With opportunities to learn about different cultures there was a real sense of community at the festival, encouraging you to dive in and take part in all that was on offer.

There were copious amounts of stations with an array of activity in each one. There were art and crafts, traditional clothing and customs from many different countries on show. People were trying calligraphy, fan painting, make a key chains, and much more. There was plenty of stations with information on various counselling and classes, as well as safety first aid training and abuse centers.

The best part of the festival for me was the impressive performances from all walks of life, providing a unique taste of their own traditions. There was such colour and energy on the stage, with people of all ages uniting to put on a show. It was refreshing to see such diversity coming together with everyone having a smile from ear to ear.

The sun was belting and as it shone brightly on us all, the festival also had a brightness to it. The energy of the park was happy and relaxed. The infectious smiles of the people you walk passed made for a great day out, with positive vibes, helpful information, art culture and laughter.

If you are interested in getting to know the variety of Deagu and it’s people, learn about a new culture, find information as a foreigner in Korea or simply to have a fun day out the Deagu Welcome Festival is one for the list. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s well worth it!

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