Thursday, May 26, 2016

Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival 2016 - Press Article II

“Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival”

There were performances, information, food, games, face painting, fingernail art, photo opportunities and costumes to try on. The Police were playing with kids, and the Fire Department was offering safety advice. It was an international event for all!

The ever popular face and body painting is a crowd favorite.  My daughter Min Hee, usually  goes for a face painting.  This time she chose a little arm painting.  I saw another young girl having the Korean flag put on her cheek.

There were over 80 different tents or booths with information, foods to sample and freebies as well as games to play and photo opportunities with costumes from around the world or different animated characters.

Many of the booths offered both information on social issues or topics people may not be aware of.  All sorts of topics were covered from educational issues and child abuse awareness to health information and safety awareness guides. Several of the booths handed out refreshments to visitors along with information.

One station that occupied my daughter was a table with games from around the world.  She was very interested in the spinning tops and a bird whose beak is also the center of gravity and can balance on a finger tip or even your nose!

There were several bi-lingual members of the Daegu Metropolitan Police on hand to offer advice on how to be safe.  The information was provided in at least five different languages.  It was also nice to see them interacting with young kids.  They were using some of the international toys/games and playing in the grass.  I thought that was very kind of them.

A local university had almost two dozen volunteers serving free cups with curry and rice.  They were all smiles, and in the heat and serving hot food, that was very nice.  You could see the happiness on their faces as they greeted the international visitors at the festival, in a welcoming way.

It is always important to sign in at booths with sign in sheets and sometimes it is good to ask if there is a sign in place.  The reason is so the community groups and agencies can see the number of people they have reached or interacted with.  This helps them prepare for upcoming events and also helps them understand who is visiting and what languages are needed by staff or volunteers.

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