Friday, May 13, 2016

Coming-of-Age Day

Coming-of-Age Day

On May 15th (Sun) at 4:30 pm there is an event for the young adults of Korea, like the Bat Mitzvah for the Jewish, Rumspringa of the Amish, Quinceanera of the Hispanics and the Sweet 16 in America, and this is Korea's version. It is a special day for all of the young adults who were born on 1997, their time to be adults, and this ceremony is to bring out their sense of responsibility for their community.

At 4:30 all of the Young adults will be wearing traditional clothing, and with the guidance of Daegu's Hyanggyo Protocol Director, they will perform the Coming of age Ceremony. There will be many awesome booths, performances and also something special from the participants. Their vision of their futures and goals some amazing art work will be submitted. It is an amazing cultural event so don't miss it.

Location is at the 2.28 park across from Novotel.

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