Monday, May 30, 2016

Daegu Blog Press Workshop 2016

Last weekend Daegu City held a workshop for its City Blog Press for the team bonding.  The workshop was a 2-day trip to Daejeon Metropolitan City which has been one of Daegu's sister cities, and also well known for the city of science & technology. About 40 people including Korean press and multinational foreign press attended the workshop.

Our first schedule was having a lunch together. All Korean and foreign members from diverse countries had lunch at one of famous Korean food restaurants in Daejeon.

After lunch, we went Innopolis Daedeok (Daedeok Science Town) for a tour.  We visited ETRI and learned some newest electronic technologies of Korea.

They have great technology simulations and hands-on experiences. Our tour guide from ETRI gave us educational and interesting information.

After that, we visited KIGMA museum, which is another popular site in Daedeok innopolis among tourists.

After the tour, there were some lectures about social media and article writing for Korean reporters. Meanwhile, foreign press had their own meeting and discussed effective ways for running the City blog.

The 2nd day was scheduled to explore more of Daejeon city! Next morning we headed to  Daejeon O-world for a safari ride.  Everyone enjoyed themselves at O-World.

The last destination of our tour was Metasequoia Sky-walk at Jangtaesan forest. Walking along the beautiful path surrounded by tress all members got closer each other regardless of their age and country.

Let's run Colorful Daegu's Social media successfully :)
Cheers to Blog Press 2016 of Daegu City!   

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