Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Daegu Is Beautiful Tour - from 1 May until 14 May!

For a very short period there is an event going on in Daegu.  If you visit at least three of the destinations on the map and get the map stamped, you can turn in the maps for one of two prizes.  The maps can be turned in at either Dong Daegu Station Tourist Information Booth, Daegu Station Tourist Information Booth, or the Tourist Information Booth located outside Daegu Department Store near the stage downtown.

There are a total of sixteen locations for receiving the stamps needed.  In the image above I have highlighted three locations that may be the easiest to find while downtown. Because the Colorful Festival is happening this weekend, I thought these would be the closest.  They are: Hyangchon Cultural Center, Kim Kwang-Seok Road (Bangcheon Market), and Yangyeongsi Center ( Herbal Medicine Tourist Information Booth ).

The other three highlighted destinations are Apsan Cable Car, Eworld, and Suseong Lake ( at the booth near the Air Lounge).
After receiving at least three stamps take the maps to one of the three tourist information booths listed above and you may redeem them for packages of instant noodles or bottles of ice coffee.

Last year in August, some of the tourist booths ran out of stock on some items and had to request more supplies. This required a return trip.  So, get out and get your stamps, then turn them in for your prizes.  We will be out for the COLORFUL FESTIVAL and hope to see you there as well!

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