Monday, May 23, 2016

Daegu Safety Theme Park

My name is Min Hee.  I am a six-year old Korean-American and I live in Daegu.  I will be travelling around the city and visiting interesting places and going to various events and then write about my adventures on the Touch Daegu Blog Site.  Here is my first adventure to tell you about.
We went to the Daegu Safety Theme Park located on Palgongsan.  It is a few minute walk from the bus stop that drops you off near the entrance to Dongwha Temple or the Palgong Mt Cable Cars.  Da Hyun, from the Daegu Public Relations Division helped set up an appointment in which we could participate in all of the hands-on experiences. The first stop is a short movie and a briefing by a fireman.  From there the first stage was to learn about the 2003 Daegu Subway Fire.  It is a sad thing that happened, but from this event we learned a lot and made important changes in the safety of our city’s subways. After a movie that shows the story of how it happened the whole platform lowers into the lower levels of the theme park.

We next go into a replica of the actual subway station.  Here is one of the actual subway cars from the fire. There are also some actual fixtures from the station and you can see the damage caused by the heat.  Something to point out are the exit signs and the lack of safety equipment or markings.
After that we moved into a mock-up of a modern day subway station. Then we were told about the safety features in the stations and then moved into a real subway car with all the modern safety features in use today.  After learning how to evacuate the subway cars and how to be prepared, they dim the lights and pump in man-made smoke. important to point out there is no danger from the smoke! This is scary for little kids. My parents and I talked about this for several days to be prepared for it.  We followed all the guidelines we were taught and escaped the simulation.
From there we learned of the dangers of forest fires.  Then we learned about wild pigs and how to safely get away from them.  We learned about bee stings and other insects. Then we had a chance to climb knotted rope ladder.

Then we got a chance to cross a rope bridge!
Next, we moved into an area to learn about earthquakes.  We learned where to go and how to make our homes safer if an earthquake happens.  Then we had an opportunity to see what a real earthquake feels like in a simulator and took turns using what we learned about our homes.
After that we learned about how to use fire extinguishers and then we got to squirt water onto a screen to put out a fire, like a game.
After that we said thank you to the fireman and said goodbye!
One of the easiest ways to visit the Daegu Safety Theme Park is to take the Daegu City Tour Palgongsan Course.  Or visit the Daegu Safety Theme Park web site for directions. 
I hope you can visit there because my dad always says “Safety First!” 


  1. This is an important place to visit. Try to schedule your visit so that you can do all of the hands-on experiences. It is an eye opener and you can learn a lot about safety.

  2. Min Hee is doing a wonderful job showing us Daegu!

    1. She is having fun while she does it. Oh, and we learn stuff too!