Friday, May 20, 2016

Last two weeks of May events

Last two weeks of May events

There was a lot of events this May, and we hope you enjoyed them as much as we did and now here are some events coming up in the next week
Every Wednesday at 7 pm at the Daegu Cultural Art's center, there is a concert which is held outside, with many traditional performances with of course more modern ones as well. It is an amazing experience that costs nothing. However I would recommend calling ahead to make sure they are playing that week.

The location is 대구광역시 달서구 성당동 187

Are you a fan of Music? if you are there isn't really much I can say about this next one so if you are interested Here is the information.

Special Concert on May 20th (Fri) at 7:30
Location: Daegu concert House Grand Hall.
대구 콘서트 하우스 그랜드 홀
대구광역시 중구 태평로 2가 1-1
Call 053) 250-1400 for more info.

Next is a Three day concert with wold Lieder Duets, Opera Arias Duets and Crossover and Popera Duets. It will be an amazing concert so don't miss it. It is from May 25th ~ May 27th starting at 19:30.

대구광역시 달서구 성당동 187

Call 053) 606-6114 for more info.
This one is also at the Daegu Cultural Arts Cneter. This one started April 29th and it until May 28th (Sun). Monday Is a break day so any other day until the 28th should be good. They are opened from 10 am until 8 pm. There is no entry cost.

대구광역시 달서구 성당동 187

Call 053) 606-6152 for more info.

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